Strength Grading

Strength Grading Strength Grading


Most carcassing (constructional) softwood is imported already stamped with a strength grade of either C16 or C24. However, there are circumstances when higher quality grades of softwood, which do not normally come pre-graded, are required with a strength grade. For these applications our graders are able to visually strength grade the softwoods as shown in the table below. We can stamp the timber or supply a certificate to show that each piece has achieved the required grade.

Species Grading Rule C14 C16 C18 C22 C24
Douglas fir- Larch (Canada, USA) BS 4978   GS     SS
Redwood (imported) BS 4978   GS     SS
Southern pine BS 4978     GS   SS
Western red cedar (imported) BS 4978 GS   SS    
Whitewood (imported) BS 4978   GS     SS


Unlike softwood, hardwood is not normally imported strength graded. For applications where this is required, our graders are able to visually strength grade a selection of hardwoods. We can then supply the timber either stamped or with a certificate to show that each piece has met the required grade. These hardwoods include the following:

Species Grading Rule D30 D40 D50 D60 D70
Balau BS 5756         HS
Ekki BS 5756       HS  
Greenheart BS 5756         HS
Iroko BS 5756   HS      
Oak BS 5756 TH1,THB THA      

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